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Promotional Fruit Jellies > Maxi Bag Special Shapes
Articlenumber: 274-3307

Fruit jelly maxi-bag special shapes
Advertising space - extra large

Fruit jelly shapes made to the customer's specifications. We use your idea to design the desired fruit jelly shape, e.g. your logo or brand label. Creativity your customers will like!

    Maxi-bag made of white or transparent foil.
    approx. 110 x 145 mm.
Advertising space
    font and image: 90 x 116 mm (w x h)
    area: 105 x 116 mm (w x h)
    Flexo printing 1-4-colour
    Special fruit jelly shapes according to your requirements, approx. 50 g per bag, mixed colours. Premium quality (10% fruit, red, yellow, green, orange) or fruit-juice quality (24% fruit, dark red, light red, colourless, yellow).
Shelf life
    12 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 100 pieces
Minimum order
    premium quality: 1-3-colour: 4.000 pieces
    4-colour: 20.000 pieces
    fruit-juice quality: 1-3-colour: 10.000 pieces
    4-colour: 20.000 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 6-8 weeks after approval of the printing copies and the shape. (Delivery time for the model approx. 3 weeks extra)
    Ex works