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Food Advertising
The positive effect of "eatable" advertisement

Advertisement serves generally the specific and deliberate influencing of the person. The winning over appeals, on this occasion, to the needs of the person, for the purpose of the action motivation.

"Eatable" advertising means a bigger influence on the consumers have, explains itself by the fact that in contrast to the classical advertising means (e.g., lighter, ballpoint pen, matches is woken up among other things) not only by the packaging the interest, but also by the taste. By the taste and the aroma are woken up with us certain recollections and feelings which build up in this manner a certain closeness and affect so positively the advertisement.

What concerns new experiences in the food area, we are anxious everything very much (what the farmer does not know, he does not eat). With eatable advertisement you appeal as usual with no other comparable advertising means to all senses with the receiver.

Beside the reasonable advertisement candy for every taste offers the coordinated advertising means with which you reach exactly the purpose of your marketing measures.

Advertising candy is used in the essentials for mailings, measuring, classical litter articles or also as a customer present or employee's present. Also restaurants and hotels are often inspired by our sweet attention as welcomes or resignation presents for their customers.

For your personal advertising measure different advertising candy is possible, because every article has his preferential application and consumption intention.

Our professional team shows initiative and offers you in the approach a comprehensive consultation where it comes at your wishes and images and narrowly co-operates with you.

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